Soy Panamericano is the title song of the sophomore album by the Roberto López Project. The song mixes cumbia with samba reggae, and has a tinge of 70’s funk in the brass lines.

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Video-clip info:

Director: Geoffrey Uloth
DOP: Jean-François Da Sylva-La Rue & Alexandre Bussière
Editing: Geoffrey Uloth
Produced by: Geoffrey Uloth (Evergon Arts) & Roberto López (Curura musique)
Script by: Roberto López & Geoffrey Uloth

Produced with the financial support of MaxFACT and the “Artiste Révélations Radio-Canada Musique 2010-2011”

Shot at the Lion D’Or and on location in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Cumbia dancers: Maria Munera & Camila Petro (Ballet Raices de Colombia)
Break dancer: Gilbert