Nature Factual, 16 X 60 mins, 4K HD

In this intense, fast-paced mini-series, Cyril Chauquet and his seasoned, four-man crew embark on a punishing and dangerous mission to find and study the last giant fish on the planet. This first season follows the determined team through the Amazon and the Great North of Canada, in pursuit of the explosive, prehistoric Pirarucu, the massive, armor-plated White Sturgeon, and one of the most endangered freshwater goliaths on the planet; the shark-like, 400 lb+ Piraiba… These behemoths once ruled the world’s wild rivers and lakes, but after years of habitat destruction, pollution and commercial pressure, are there still real giants out there? There’s only one way to find out, but it’s going to be a real challenge.

In order to collect the samples they need to help save these gigantic fish, Cyril and his team will have to survive in some of the most remote and hostile environments known to humanity. From the raging rivers and deadly canyons on the last frontier between northern Canada and Alaska, to the fearsome jungles and piranha-infested rivers of the Amazon rainforest, the series takes us behind the scenes as the team doggedly pursues their mission while facing jaguars, grizzly bears, anacondas, caimans, tarantulas, treacherous weather, and even menacing, armed locals.

Broadcast on Discovery Canada, National Geographic (USA, UK), Disney+, Canal Évasion, RMC Découverte and more.