The trailer for the second season of our hit series, Chasing Monsters. Produced by Untamed Productions.
Written, Directed and Edited by Geoffrey Uloth

The series is broadcast in over 100 territories on Discovery (Animal Planet), National Geographic Channel, Netflix and BBC Earth among many others.

Synopsis: Chasing Monsters takes us on a mission to seek out colossal and dangerous underwater creatures in the most remote corners of the planet. From the shark-infested waters of Florida to the rugged Amazon in Brazil, monster fish adventurer Cyril Chauquet tests the ferociousness of the alligator gar, fights huge catfish with his bare hands and battles with giant Mexican sailfish. He uses himself as bait in shark-infested waters, swabs razor-sharp shark teeth to help develop life saving antibiotics and comes face to face with the barracuda. This series explores the fascinating stories behind the elusive monster fish living in the hidden depths of the planet’s oceans, lakes and rivers and the adrenaline-packed journeys to get up close and personal with them!

The latest season takes viewer even further and deeper into a world of mysterious and dangerous underwater creatures. From diving with a giant tiger shark in the Bahamas to dodging man-eating crocodiles while on the hunt for Africa’s largest freshwater fish, Cyril explores the oceans, rivers and lakes of the globe to find the biggest fish he’s ever faced in some of the most remote areas of the world.

Directed or co-directed: Over 25 x 1-hour episodes across all seasons.

Co-Written: 17 x 1-hour episodes across all seasons.